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School Competition

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Handford Hall PS @HandfordHallPS

22 Jun Putting a brave face on..

22 Jun The nerves, however, are already present

22 Jun The tower awaits...@Kingswood_

21 Jun Finishing an exhausting day around the campfire @Kingswood_ West Runton. Good food, good friends and a great time.

21 Jun Whew! What a day @Kingswood_ Blindfolds, Buggies and blazing lasers.

21 Jun 7 am fuelling up...

20 Jun Lovely evening for a beach walk @Kingswood_ West Runton

20 Jun Amber the assassin wins!

20 Jun It's *all* action as competition heats up...

20 Jun Meanwhile, arrows are the weapon of choice for the second group! Average evening here! @Kingswood_