1/2M Autumn 17

Welcome back to the new school year! 1/2M have settled in really well and been working really hard! Take a look at some of the exciting learning we have been doing...

Learning Outside!

We have been making a real effort to take our learning outside as much as possible. Learning outdoors keeps us engaged and provides us with memorable moments that help us to retain key concepts. This is an example of one of our maths lessons where we were finding one more and one less than any given number. 

Teddy Bear Hunt!

We have been looking at toys for our afternoon topic lessons this term. In one particularly memorable session, we used a map and followed some clues all over the school to find the Teddy Robber's giant teddy bear! We worked well as a team and used our thinking skills to decipher the map and work out the clues.

Trip to Christchurch Park!

As part of our 'Toys' topic, we having been looking at how toys have changed over time. We were lucky enough to go to Christchurch Mansion and take a look at all the different toys that children have played with over the last 150 years! It was so interesting! Whilst we were there, we thought we would take a nature walk and see what plants and animals we could find. We also enjoyed dining al fresco and playing on the 'big toys' in the play area!