4W Spring 2017

In our Maths lessons we have been extending our ability to calculate, reason and problem solve with numbers.  We have also linked our work to our topic (Rainforests of the world), by measuring the Key Stage 2 playground and working out its area and perimeter.  Several times this area is lost in rainforests every second.  This gave us an idea of the scale of the problem.

Our Literacy lessons have also been linked to our rainforest topic.  We have learnt to write persuasively by forming arguments to persuade our reader.  We have written letters protesting about deforestation and created extremely persuasive posters arguing that rainforest animals' habitats need to be preserved.

We celebrated our love of reading during World BooK Day on 6th March 2017.  We came to school as very convincing book characters and spent the day presenting and reading our favourite books.

In science we have learnt the properties of magnets.  We made a compass which turned magnetic North, and from this we worked out the direction of our hidden treasure!  We have displayed our knowledge of forces in our shared area.

During our Science enrichment day we experimented with eggs.  We found the maximum dropping distance before an egg will crack or break, then tried covering eggs with different materials to prevent them from breaking.  We found that cotton wool protected the egg best.  We could drop it from 120cm before it broke.  We also discovered that covering an egg in cling film made it almost impossible to break, however hard we tried!  This was because the pressure was distributed evenly.