4W Summer 2017

We have enjoyed an exciting start to Summer term with a new topic - Adventurers and Explorers and a related orienteering trip to test our navigation skills! 

In Maths we have been refining our knowledge of decimal numbers and applying it to considering the height of mountains explorers have climbed and distances they have travelled (in ms and Km).  We have also considered the amounts of food and water they would need to take (in Kg and Litres), as well as lengths of rope when sailing (in mm, cm and m).

In literacy we have written humorous stories inspired by one of our favourite authors - David Walliams. We have posted them to him and are really looking forward to his reply.  Read our hilarious work in the shared area.


These are pictures of us in our reading corner featuring information and book reviews of David Walliams' work.  We also have copies of our humorous stories on display, inspired by Mr Stink.  We have used these photographs as covers for our David Walliams' inspired story books.  We hope he will be impressed!

To begin our explorers topic we traced maps of the world.  We realised that the world is spherical, but maps are flat.  We found out when explorers discovered the world was spherical and the routes some of them took around the world.

We had lots of fun on History Day studying the 1970s.  Some of our teachers even remember the decade!  They dressed up in clothes that were modern at the time.  We tried popular convenience foods (Smash mashed potato and Angel Delight), played 'Pong' the first computer game, designed our own platform shoes and wrote all about it in a 'Big Write' session.  We also invited our parents in to look at our work.  Some of us did a presentation for them, and some of them remembered the 1970s too!  Have a look at our picture gallery and shoe designs...

We also visited Ipswich High School for orienteering sessions.  We had great fun exploring the grounds with compasses and maps, finding landmarks, clues and cracking codes.