5/6P Spring 2017


We have been having fun in English, playing about with story writing and talking about the different techniques authors use to grab their reader.

Together, we planned a story based on a real incident that happened when some of the class went to the O2 with the choir (obviously we used our imagination to exaggerate the incident!)  The class then split into groups, and each group wrote a paragraph of the story.  We wrote sentences on strips of paper so that we could change their order in the paragraph (or add or take away parts of the sentence.)  When we put the paragraphs together, we had to do a bit of editing so that each paragraphs linked together. We think we created a great short story.  We hope you enjoy - and maybe one day, one (or more) of us will become a famous writer; perhaps even more famous than J.K. Rowling!


In Mathematics we have been investigating fractions, percentages and decimals.  We have been using the language of mathematics to convince others of our thinking.  Our challenge was to order a set of fractions decimals and percentages - and then convince the class that our thinking was correct.  The confidence in our mathematical thinking is growing as the year is moving on; we will keep pushing our thinking forward and not be afraid to get things wrong!

What fractions do you see in everyday life?

Science Visit 

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