5/6P Summer 2017



Welcome back to our last term together.  We have a term of lots of exciting learning - a jam-packed term of laughter, hard work and fun!

Marvellous Mathematics

Using paper folding, we investigated the properties of 2D shape.  During our learning we worked together using the language of 2D shape to create dramatic symmetrical patterns.

The children undertook the Chocolate Box Challenge, working in pairs to create an exact replica of a chocolate box.  Mrs Pearl ate a lot of chocolate so that  3D shapes could be created in an investigative way!  When visiting their chocolate box, the children were not allowed to use any standard measuring equipment, but once they were making their nets, the children could use any standard measuring equipment needed.  To create an extra challenge, the children needed to bid for teaching time to support their learning!  It was a great week, with the final judging being undertaken by Mrs Blake and Mrs Caston.