Spring 2017 in 5/6B!

Welcome to 5/6B. Here are some of the things we have been doing this term and what is coming up.



In English we studied two Shakespearean plays (Romeo & Juliet and Macbeth) to explore playscripts and wrote our own versions of scenes from Romeo and Juliet before performing them in class.

We will be looking at different types of reports and journalistic writing so we can try writing our own newspaper articles.  We will also be exploring narrative poems before the Easter holidays.



We have reviewed different methods of solving problems with all four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) before using our knowledge of multiplication facts to help us with understanding fractions. We will continue looking at fractions, percentages and decimals until the Easter holidays.


In class we also doing mathematical investigations to improve our reasoning and problem solving skills.


IPC and Science

 This term we have been exploring the universe through our 'Mission to Mars' topic, incorporating both Science and IPC. 

Our enthusiasm for investigating space was ignited by a visit from a mobile planetarium. Since then we have researched the different planets, trained to be astronauts, planned what we would need to move to Mars and even shared our learning with the school in our class assembly!

We are using our Science skills to help us with our 'Mission to Mars' by finding out what seeds need to germinate, measuring our shadows during the day to prove the Earth moves around the Sun and creating sundials. 

We will also be using our technology skills to design and create our own Mars colonies to help us survive on a new planet.


World Book Day - 2nd March 2017

 On World Book Day we spent the day showing just how much we love reading! We dressed up as our favourite book characters and, after reading the Jolly Postman by Allan Ahlberg and Janet Ahlberg, we wrote letters to each other in character. In the afternoon we played word games to create book titles for different genres before designing and painting a book cover to match one of our new book titles.  

Here are some of 5/6B in costume doing one of our favourite hobbies - reading!

Science Day - 7th March 2017 

The theme for Science Day was 'eggs' and we were very lucky to be invited to Suffolk ONE Sixth Form College to experience Chemistry and Engineering in real laboratories. In Chemistry we investigated what elements are in eggshells using proper equipment, such as bunsen burners, and proper safety equipment too! 


In Engineering, we designed and built cars that used the force of an egg rolling down a ramp to travel as far as possible. We loved building the cars and it was exciting testing whether our eggs would break or not! We had a thoroughly enjoyable morning experimenting in a proper Science laboratory and it has really helped us with our learning.


Future activities  

We have experienced a lot this term but we have still have lots more to do! In the coming weeks we have a visit from an author, an interactive drama production, an Aldeburgh Music workshop and we have lots more learning in all subjects!