5/6W Summer 2016 

Welcome back to a very busy Summer term! 

Here are some of the different things we have learnt so far. 


Our topic this half term is report writing. 

We spent some time discussing the features of reports, use of formal language and reported and direct speech. 

One morning we arrived in our classroom and found...

A Crime Scene!

This inspired us to write our own police reports.  

Here are some examples of our writing. 


Our focus this half term has been fractions. We have learnt how to compare fractions, order fractions, add/subtract/multiply fractions and also solve problems using our knowledge. 

Here are some examples of our work. 

IPC - 'The Holiday Show'

Our topic this half term is all about tourism. For our entry point we planned our own tourist route around Ipswich. We walked around Ipswich (for a total distance of nearly 5 miles!) collecting photographs and information. We used the information we had collected to set up a tourist guide company for Ipswich.  

 Here are some examples of our Tourist Guides

  We also presented our completed product to project managers and voted for our favourite design. 

Come back soon for further updates