5W Autumn 17

5W have started this Autumn Term learning both inside the classroom and outside of it! 


We applied our knowledge of place value to measuring leaves and outdoor objects in cm and mm, and ordering decimal numbers with up to three decimal places along a number line.  We identified the value of each digit and decided which was higher or lower than another.  We showed our numbers on chalked number lines in the playground.

We applied mathematical knowledge to classifying living things in Science using Venn and Carroll diagrams and branch and key diagrams.  We showed our classifications on a larger scale, again in chalk!

Literacy and Topic

In Literacy we have been reading War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, linked to our topic area the First World War and the history of news reporting.  We have written in a range of genre inspired by this book, including play scripts which we enacted in our field.  Our field became an auction ring, where Joey the War Horse was due to be sold, then a village square where Joey was sold again to the army officer Captain Nicholls.

In topic we created definitions of what 'news' means.  We studied the features of newspapers and made collages from them which made us look at news images in different ways...


 During Science week we learnt about the classification of living things and investigated micro-organisms.  We found out that bacteria can be beneficial but also harmful and needs other living things to grow.  We have written excellent explanations using sophisticated scientific language which we will publish in our Big Write books.

We extended our study of living things during a trip to Foxburrow Farm.  We found different living things in their habitats - ponds, leaf litter and under logs - and classified them.  We learnt to identify trees and classify them by leaf shape.  We had a fabulous time learning outside all day.


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