5W Summer term

Science Week

We began the Summer term with Science Week.  We investigated air resistance by making our own parachutes using our mathematical skills to measure the diameter of their canopies.  We also measured their drop times in seconds and hundredths of seconds to find out speed of drop relative to size of canopy.  We plotted out results in tables and interpreted them, solving word problems about them in maths.  We were very cross curricular, linking our skills across subjects.

In Literacy we have been reading Cogheart by Peter Bunzl.  It is an adventure story set in Victorian times when children travel in airships.  This linked nicely to our scientific investigations into gravity and air resistance - the essential elements to making airships fly!  We have written extracts of the story from different characters' perspectives and information texts about the history of airship travel.

Its great to link fiction and non-fiction writing...