6H Spring 2017

This term we are working extremely hard in our preparations for our end of Key Stage 2 tests. However, we have MUCH more going on than just that!

This term, we are:

  • Researching, planning designing and building replica models of bases for our escape to the planet Mars
  • Understanding and improving the growth of plants to support ourselves once we are there
  • Developing businesses to raises money to finance our journey to Mars - it'll take nearly a year
  • Creating and designing activities to keep us healthy, happy and entertained on our journey
  • Learning about the planets of our solar system and our own moon
  • Taking PE very seriously as we all try to earn maximum house points for the trophy!


Our classroom environment helps us move our learning further every day, we take pride in sharing the best examples of our work:

Have a look at the examples of our work in Maths, Science and English:


Science Day:

To expand our experience, we have been lucky enough to visit Ipswich School to use their science laboratory for some EGGciting EGGxperiments, and we drew some EGGstraordinary conclusions...


As part of Ipswich School's Science outreach programme, 30 Year 6 pupils and their teachers from Handford Hall primary school visited for an extended Chemistry lesson. The theme was eggs and Mr Halford-Thompson had organised a series of analysis tasks for pupils to identify the metal and non-metal component of egg shells. This involved very popular flame tests and precipitation reactions. An egg was also made ‘naked’ by immersing it in concentrated acid. Pupils then dyed eggs using plant dyes. As a finale, an egg was made silver by coating it in carbon and submerging under water and another was pushed into a bottle using atmospheric pressure using a burning taper to lower the pressure inside the bottle. An eggshausting but eggshilerating time was had by all.