Welcome to the Year 6 area


The Autumn term is action packed and filled with lots of exciting activities that will extend and challenge your learning as well as broaden your horizons.


In Year 6, as well as working hard to achieve your full potential academically, you will expand your independence with transition visit to your new Senior schools. 



During our daily guided reading sessions we will be reading and discussing variety of complex texts to expand our understanding of literature. 

Our goal is to read minimum 30 minutes at home.


Big Write

During our extended writing sessions this half term we will be showcasing our writing abilities by publishing our own suspense stories, balanced arguments and scientific reports. 



In Mathematics this term we will be developing our understanding of number and place value including numbers up to one million and numbers that include 3 decimal places. We will also be increasing our awareness of how the four main calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be used in more complex contexts. We will be solidifying our knowledge of mental and written forms of these calculations as well as how to choose the most efficient method. 

Useful websites:

In school we use many websites to help us with our work and to get extra information. Here are some of the most useful websites that will help with Maths, English, Science and Topic:




For some great mathematical activities click on the link below:



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