RB Spring 2017

We have been very busy in RB this term. One of our favourite parts of the day is active story telling. We read, watch and listen to a story altogether. Then we help Miss Bodkin to draw a story map and rehearse the story over and over again. Watch us performing the Three Little Pigs below. Our favourite character is the Big Bad Wolf, even though he is horrible to the little pigs. 


When it was Chinese new year we decorated two boxes to make them look like dragon heads. We listened and watched people dancing to celebrate Chinese new year. During a PE lesson we then had a go ourselves. We had so much fun! You can see how much fun we had below. 

On the Thursday 2nd of March we had the exciting opportunity to dress up for World Book day. We were so excited and were able to speak about who we were dressed up as all day. We even did some writing and it is now in a book. Come into RB to read our fantastic writing!