PE at HANDFORD HALL 2014 - 2015

At Handford Hall we love sport! We enjoy all our PE sessions, playing games at break and lunch times and love taking part in after-school clubs.

Every half term we have a 'PE Enrichment Day' where we will take part in lots of different sporting activities, learn about healthy eating and find out lots of information about how our body works.



Each half term our teachers nominate one child from each class to be 'Handford Hall's Sports Personality'. Last year we won Team GB Hats! Have a look at some of us with our prizes below!


Here is the Success Criteria we have to follow to be nominated for Sports Personality!


I am always ready for P.E. with the correct kit.                        

I always join in and listen carefully.

I always act safely.

I enjoy winning but can accept losing graciously.

I can be a team player.