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1L's Amazing Work!

Hi 1L,

This is a place to share some of the amazing work you have been doing at home. If you want to show your work on here, get an adult in your family to take a photo of it and send it to our class email address below!







Our first email this week has come from Robyn! She has been working hard on her Maths and Phonics this week (I did laugh at poor Rosie again)! Robyn sent us in some pictures of her amazing flag too - the 'X' stands for 'X marks the spot!' Robyn tested 4 foil boats and boat 2 and boat 4 held an amazing 15 coins!

Also Robyn wanted to show everyone her T-shirt that she is wearing - she designed it herself with puffy fabric paint! Oliver was her pet cat. What a lovely T-shirt Robyn!

It's also lovely to see you doing some work in your new work book too Robyn - Great stuff! 

Finally, Robyn sent in her Morse Code work. She wrote a lovely message to everyone in 1L! Can you work out what it says?





Erin went on a walk to the waterfront and took some lovely pictures of all these boats! She thought about whether they were powered by wind (sails) or engine. Thanks for sending in these pictures Erin - I love Noah's ark! Erin also made a beautiful flag for her ship! Erin also had a go at making her foil boats - the last boat held 67 coins! Amazing!

Check out Erin's Morse code messages - can you work out what she has written?





Sophie has been working through the Number and Place Value sections in her new Maths work book! She has been working her way through her monster phonics book and has now completed it all! That's amazing! I can see that she has also been working very hard on her doubles! Sophie, her mum, and her dad each made a foil boat to test and hers won - apparently it held 150 coins?! Very impressive!

Sophie also loved watching Handford Hall's music video - have you seen it yet?