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1L's Amazing Work

Hi 1L,

This is a place to share some of the amazing work you have been doing at home. If you want to show your work on here, get an adult in your family to take a photo of it and send it to our class email address below!






Erin has been a very busy bee this Monday, she wrote her green words in phonics and put them into sentences. She also got 10/10 in her spellings practice! She has made a good head start on the topic work this week by designing her own cycle Jersey and looking at a range of different types of bikes!

Erin also designed her very own T-shirt! I love the colours and hearts, Erin - beautiful!

*And even more Maths work sent in from Erin - what a superstar!






Sophie has been working really hard on her spellings this week. She practiced everyday and scored 10/10! Well done Sophie! She has also got lots of topic work completed this week and designed her own Jersey and completed the wordsearch!

Sophie has also started practicing her times tables on Education City and Hit the Button too - very impressive as this is Year 2 work! Sophie has even started going on 'Play Live' on Education City, challenging other children around the country - she came in 1st place and 2nd place several times - well done Sophie!






Robyn has been working really hard in her workbook! Great Maths work, Robyn! She also sent in more maths work for this week and had a go at the super Maths challenge - super word problems Robyn!

Robyn has been working hard on her topic work and designed a fantastic Jersey! She did the design first on paper and then transferred it to a t-shirt using fabric pens! I love the extra flowers Robyn and the fact that you wrote your initials and our class name - what a fantastic idea!

Robyn also wanted to continue our transport theme from last week and make a boat - what a beautiful boat Robyn - I love the sail!