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1L's Amazing Work!

Hi 1L,

This is a place to share some of the amazing work you have been doing at home. If you want to show your work on here, get an adult in your family to take a photo of it and send it to our class email address below!








We've had our first batch of work this week from Erin! Erin has made a great start with the topic work this week and drawn a lovely picture of her home and answered the questions about it. She has been practising her times tables and used pencils to make arrays! Erin has also completed some more work in her Maths and Literacy activity books and started practising her spellings! What a busy Monday - well done Erin! 


Erin has sent some more lovely work in and I can see that she has been doing lots of grammar and literacy work in her book and on Education City. She has also designed her own dream bedroom for topic this week and it looks amazing!








Sophie has sent in some of her lovely work too. She has completed her Maths work, her Read, Write Inc lesson, and got 10/10 on her Spellings! Well done Sophie!

Sophie has sent in a second batch of work this week and has clearly been working very hard on her times tables - brilliant work Sophie! She has also been practicing her spellings and drawn an amazing poster with information about her home!


And even more amazing Maths and Literacy work from Sophie has been sent in - you have been working hard this week! Well done Sophie! 







Robyn has sent in some lovely work this week! She has been working hard on her times tables in Maths and made some fantastic arrays using her Super Zinger toys. Can you guess what multiplication number sentence each array is showing? I love the picture of your cat too Robyn! Robyn has also done a lovely drawing and model of her house - very creative!