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1L's Amazing Work!

Hi 1L,

This is a place to share some of the amazing work you have been doing at home. If you want to show your work on here, get an adult in your family to take a photo of it and send it to our class email address below!



Our first batch of work this week comes from Erin! She worked hard on her Maths and added lots of different coins together! Great effort writing your number sentences with a mouse too Erin - that's much better than I can do! Erin has also made a good head start with the Topic work for this week and had lots of fun measuring with a tape measure and doing her exercises - great work Erin! 

More work from Erin and she has been doing even more brilliant Maths by using her knowledge of number bonds to help her find change from 20p and 30p! For Topic, Erin walked around the house to record things she could see, feel, taste, touch and hear. After that, she took a trip to do some strawberry picking as this is Erin's favourite healthy food - yummy!

Erin also made some delicious looking cakes and a very impressive pizza - well done Erin! 



Sophie has also been working very hard this week. She got 10/10 on her spelling test and added so many different coins together and got all of her answers correct for Maths - what a hard worker! Sophie also started her Topic work this week by going on a bike ride along the river and doing some exercises to keep her body healthy - great work Sophie!

Sophie also made a delicious pizza this week! Yum!

Robyn has also been working hard this week! She has completed some lovely Topic work including a colourful poster about how to keep her body healthy. She has also continued to work on her sounds and spellings in Read, Write Inc (with another picture of poor Rosie!). I am very impressed with the creative way you completed your Maths work Robyn - well done to you and your parents for being so clever in showing your learning! You have shown a great knowledge of coins and how to add and subtract them - well done!


Robyn has also been doing some computing and made some very clever scratch programs! Click on the links at the bottom of this page to take a look!