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5/6W Autumn 2018

Introducing 5/6 W

We have studied a range of subjects during the first part of the Autumn Term.

5/6 W have made an impressive start to the Autumn term. 



In Maths, we have extended our place value knowledge to millions and to 3 and 4 places after the decimal point.  In groups, we devised our own decimal numbers and put them into grids we drew in chalk on the play ground.  Each of us represented a digit in our number.



We created story maps of some of Rudyard Kipling's 'Just So' stories before writing similar stories of our own.  Our grammar focus was punctuating character dialogue.



We are learning about the Ancient Romans.  We began by making famous Roman buildings and working out what they might have been used for over two thousand years ago.


In Science we have studied the life cycles of plants and animals.  We ordered the stages of different life cycles and also studied them during a trip to Foxburrow Farm and Nature Reserve.  We wrote explanations of the ways life cycles work and repeat and sent them to the farm to educate other children and visitors.

What a wonderful start! We are really looking forward to extending our learning next term.