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5/6W Spring Term 2019

Spring Term in 5/6W

This has been an extremely exciting term in 5/6W.  We started with Science week when we studied 'Light' and how we see.  This led to some interesting experiments with pin hole cameras, which we made ourselves (Physics), colour wheels (again we made them!), which, when spun quickly revealed the whole colour spectrum becoming white light. We had fun experimenting outside, enjoying outdoor learning. We linked our Science learning to Maths when we collected and plotted data on the distance our blind spots were away from a given spot or cross on a piece of paper.  We could then compare our data within and between our groups.  Below are some photographs of our investigations.

In Literacy we have read Stig of the Dump, together with Shakespeare, when we studied Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet.   We created our own play scripts based on the murderous Macbeths, replicating the drama of the original plays.  What a term and what a class!  We ended with fantastic progress and attainment across the curriculum, making our teacher and parents very proud.