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6H Autumn Term 2019

Science week 1: 

This half term we have been learning about Living organisms and their habitats. We have explored the major kingdooms of life, peeked at a range of natural habitats and experimented with micro organisms.



IPC: Making the news

We have been exploring the history of communication - from early language and Morse code to storyboarding and creating a TV news broadcast. We have looked at how to breakdown a story and tell the most important parts. 



To start the year, we have been concentrating on the fluency of our calculations. We have looked at formal methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We are working with numbers ranging from tens of millions to decimal fractions. We will also look at calculating with fractions and integers together, percentages area and perimeter - a busy term!



We have explored a range of texts, looking at different levels of formality across them. We will be exploring a range of classic poetry, the use of stylistic features in description and, nearer to the festive season, we shall be reading and studying Charles Dickens' original 'A Christmas Carol'. We shall be exploring a range of grammatical features, verb tenses and word classes - another pre-Christmas treat!