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Sugar biscuits


Lovely Mrs Coster has written a recipe for some sugar biscuits- these are made from very few ingredients that you may possible already have in your cupboards! If your'e able to make them you can email me a photo for our slowly growing gallery! (You can only make these with parental help!)


Happy baking! 


Mr McCandless

Sugar biscuits


Last night at 8pm- something very special happened. I hope some of you may of been a part of it (but maybe you might be in bed for that time). At 8pm on the 26th of March 2020 people from all around the country opened their windows and doors to clap and cheer our NHS- National Health Service. 


We clapped and cheered for the nurses, doctors and care workers of England who are working harder than ever in incredibly difficult circumstances. See below for a video of my family cheering.


If you would like to you could make a poster to thank the NHS and it's workers. Be as creative as you can and please send me an email photo so I can put in my gallery.

Clapping for the NHS

Still image for this video



Lots of children around the world are drawing and colouring rainbows to stick up in their windows. 

It's a lovely way to share some positivity and creativity. So get your creative harts on and make yourself a rainbow. You can draw one, make one or even see if you can find items in your house that are the correct colours. 


See below for rainbow template if you would like to use one.


I will be drawing my own and posting it here. Good or bad! It's not about perfection, Art is about creativity and enjoyment (amongst other things too). Just think, how amazing would it be if your rainbow made one person smile- you will have made someones day that little bit brighter.


How Is A Rainbow Formed | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids

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