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Autism Spectrum Disorder

How can I help explain the changes to my child with ASD?

Many autistic people struggle with change, especially unexpected ones. Now that we need to stay at home, clearly explain why to your child. The social story below might help you. Use clear language and say how you will be doing things in a different way. If you don’t know right now that’s OK– don’t try and be reassuring by saying things like, ‘I’m sure we’ll be able to go to school soon’ if you can’t commit to that.

Keep in touch

Many autistic people might feel even more isolated at this time. Try to schedule regular calls to family members or friends.


Some autistic people have more limited diets and may need help ensuring they have enough of specific items to get through this time; ask others to add one or two of these items to their shopping for you so that you do not need to go to the shops more than absolutely necessary.


Write a visual timetable for your child to follow each day, just as they would at school. It will really help your child to follow a daily routine. Knowing what is happening every day, where possible, helps to reduce anxiety. Use 'First... Next..' to motivate your child to follow the routine. You may consider setting up a workstation to help your child concentrate when it is time to learn.


I will add to this page regularly to share strategies with you.





Daily and weekly timetable examples