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Creative Ideas

Keeping a diary


Throughout the time the school is closed, keep a diary of your days.  This will become a record of social history.  Include:

What is happening on the news and how it affects your life?

What are you doing every day?

What are you missing?

Your thoughts and feelings.

What the rest of your family are doing?

Pictures (photos and drawn)

Make it relevant to you and make it come to life in the way you present it. Remember Anne Frank wrote her diary for herself, she had no idea the impact her words and thoughts would have on the world. Maybe, there is another Anne Frank at Handford Hall.  

It would be lovely to publish 'The Diary of 5/6P During an Unusual Time'

Making a map of the world


Draw a world map on a large sheet of paper (old wallpaper would be great) or outside wall (my sister has drawn one on a wall inside the house and is also creating a messy one with sewing and collage)  As the days go by, add a a new country and find out some information (capital, population, language, geographical features ...) 


Do some baking


Try out a new recipe to tempt your family.  Take a photo and email to our class site.  Get some feedback and add to your diary.  Any tasty treats can be recreated and tested by me at a later date!


Careful Observations 


Over the weekend, sit quietly and do some sketching of things you see.  If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, make careful observations of new growth that is coming through; look up at the sky and sketch the cloud shapes; or just look out of the window and sketch what you see.

Have fun - you can't be wrong! 

Make Someone Smile!


Create a rainbow and place it in your window so that those passing will smile.  If you are lucky enough to have an outside space, create a rainbow in the garden using natural materials.  Take photos and send in so we can add to our class page.  Keep smiling!