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Dyslexia Friendly

We are a Dyslexia Friendly School! If you would like to find out more about dyslexia, follow the links below:

Helping children at home

The following are strategies that can be used to support children at home. These methods are useful for children with or without dyslexia. 


Try to set aside a time and a place when there are fewer distractions for your child to complete their work. It is important to praise your child’s effort. 



When learning weekly spellings children tend to learn best when they combine their senses of sight and sound with movement. Follow the look, say, cover, write and check method.


  1. Look at the word
  2. Say it
  3. Cover the word up
  4. Write the word and say each letter (as they write them)
  5. Check the word is written correctly



If a child has a problem reading fluently then paired reading may help. If you read the words in the book the same time as your child it can help to develop confidence. After a few pages allow your child to read independently. If they continue to make mistakes continue to read with them. If they are able to read alone allow them to carry on independently. 

If you have any more questions about dyslexia or strategies to support children please contact Mrs Caston at school.