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Easter Holidays 06.04.2020 - 17.04.2020


Easter Activities:

Click on the link below to see a range of different Easter activities that might be fun for you to try at home!

Creative activities to try.

Creative activities to try. 1
Creative activities to try. 2
Creative activities to try. 3
Creative activities to try. 4
Creative activities to try. 5



Read with your adult:

Reading daily is the only way to become the best reader you can be. Reading lots helps you to become a better writer too so get reading!




Monster Phonics books:

Please look through the monster phonics books we gave you and work through the different activities, FRED talking the words as you go.




Pick and Play:     

I shall not be setting classwork on Education City over the holidays but you can still pick and play your own activities in English, Maths and Science!



Practice Fluency:

It’s always good to practice key Maths skills. Spend some time practicing your doubles, halves, number bonds, and 2, 5, and 10 times tables. Use Hit the Button and Education City activities to help you practice. Perhaps you could create a poster to share your knowledge?