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Important information for parents:

please make sure you supervise the children at all times when they use the online games.

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Week beginning 30/3/20

  • Practice names for fruit using the crickweb game online

  • You can use the other games to practise basic vocabulary too!


L.O. To be able to use 'Je vais...' to mean 'I am going...'


  • To say ‘I am going…’ in French, we say :


‘Je vais…’ (you say it ‘vay’ and do not pronounce the ‘s’)


  • Practise reading out loud the following sentences in French, using some of the words from last week and words that we have learned before.  The Powerpoint is below in case you still need it. 


  1. Je vais à la boulangerie.
  2. Je vais à la pharmacie.
  3. Je vais à la librarie.
  4. Je vais au supermarché.
  5. Je vais au centre sportif.
  6. Je vais à l’école.



  • Now match the French sentences with their English translations and write them in your blue book.

e.g. Je vais à l’école.

       I am going to school.


I am going to school.

I am going to the supermarket.

I am going to the bookshop.

I am going to the bakery.

I am going to the chemist.

I am going to the sports centre.


  • Notice that in French there is more than one way of saying ‘to the…’

This depends on whether the noun is masculine, feminine or begins with a vowel.

We will learn more about that next time!