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Note to parents: Please make sure you supervise the children at all times when they use the online games and / or watch clips.

French                                   Week beginning 30.3.20


  • Use the games to revise vocabulary on crickweb: 

Make sure you practise the numbers games as you will need them for telling the time in French. 




Telling the time (o'clock)




Picture 1

In the clip the teacher models how to say the time when it is o'clock.

You begin with 

Il est...

It is....

Then you add the number and the word heure(s) for hours.

  • Read and say out loud these times.  Watch the clip again if you need to remember how to say it.

       Il est une heure.                      It is one o'clock.

     Il est deux heures.                   It is two o'clock.

     Il est trois heures.

     Il est quatre heures. 

     Il est cinq heures.

     Il est six heures.

     Il est sept heures.

     Il est huit heures.

     Il est neuf heures.

     Il est dix heures.

     Il est onze heures.

     Il est midi.                               It is midday.

     Il est minuit.                            It is midnight.   


  • This week practise saying the time in French when it is o'clock.