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Friday 10th July


Maths Training

Investigations, investigations, investigations ...


It is investigation time on Fun Friday - the last before the Summer holidays.  Choose one of the investigations below and have some fun with your thinking.  


If you want, use the holidays to have a go at all three of them.  Enjoy!


Today's English task is a creative task! 

Your challenge is to design your own potion 

First what is the purpose of your potion - Turn someone into a superhero/flying potion/ turns into an ugly troll etc 

Next think about your ingredients - What weird and wonderful things would you like to include? Maybe petals from a cut flower or toe nails from a giant?

Next describe the type of potion of bottle you will store your potion in 


Finally think about what will happen when someone takes your potion


Hand patterns.

This will involve you tracing around the outline of your hand and choosing a colour scheme and a pattern for you to create.


1. Choose or design a pattern background. You can draw these, make them your own design or use some of the templates below.


2. Trace carefully around your hand, as shown.


3. Design a series of patterns to go inside the lines - you could use a ruler or go wild with some freehand styles!


4. Think about colours which compliment or contrast with each other. Don't use too many different colours, just use the complimentry colour wheel to help you. You could even choose to do a monochrome design, with just two colours or even black and white!


5. Decide if you're going to create a positive colouring - and colour only the hands above your background, OR a negative colouring - where you colour the background only, leaving your hands clear. Have a look at the examples below and don't be afraid to use your own designs!