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Friday 12th June


Maths Training

Friday Reasoning Challenges


Choose one (or more) of the following challenges.  All of the challenges use the thinking we have been working on this week so keep thinking.

Send in your workings to show how you have tackled the problems.  It will be great to see all you different thinking skills.


Writing Task 

Today your task in English is to write your short story that you planned yesterday. Remember your story setting is a pirate ship, your characters are monkeys and a pirate and your object is a treasure chest. 


Think carefully about how to build suspense. What is going to happen to the characters? Will they find the treasure chest? What problems will they face on the way?  


Your challenge is to include the following: 

Fronted Adverbials: At that moment, Finally, Over the bridge, Inside the chest, Beyond the clouds, Never before, Occasionally, Breathing heavily 

Use a relative pronoun: who, which, where, when, whose, that 

Punctuation  . , ! ? " "  -  ( )  :  ; 


I would love to see your stories when you have finished. Remember you can email them to:


Here is our 'Thunk' for the week.  Write your thoughts and musings in your Lockdown diary.  Also, send in to our email so that others can continue our virtual discussion.


                         Would you rather be a brave fool or a clever coward?