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Friday 26th June


1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders. 

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge



1. Learn a poem

  • Read Snow. What patterns can you spot in this poem?
  • Fill in the boxes on the Memory Frame with quick pictures that will help you to remember each line of the poem.
  • Use your pictures to practise saying the poem without looking at the words.


2. Investigate a poem

  • Read Summer Days. What do you like about the poem? Which is your favourite line?
  • Fill in the Word Table to show the pattern of words used in Summer Days.


3.  Write your own poem

  • Decide a title for your poem. It could be one of these, or you could choose your own idea:

A day at the beach

Summer meadow

Seasons of the tree

  • Fill in the Blank Word Table to make lines for your poem.
  • Choose your favourite lines and put them in an order you like to make your poem. Write it out carefully.


It is Friday so that means a musical return! Please enjoy and join in with part 2 of a Handford Hall favourite! I want to be able to hear you play/sing from wherever you are!


Hall of Fame (The Script) for Trumpet & Cornet. Beginner lessons for WCET summer term, session 6

Play Hall of Fame by 'The Script' on Trumpet or Cornet. A Suffolk County Music Service piece for beginners in their first year of learning. Visit our website...

Tune Tuesday (I am aware it is Friday)

You can use your 'Tune Tuesday' rules to discuss what you like/ dislike about songs that you hear. Some key things to consider:


Have you heard it before?
I liked the song because…
I disliked the song because…
It made me think of…
The emotions I felt the song had were…
I would/wouldn’t like to hear the song again…