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Friday 3rd July

Maths-Place negative numbers on a line and order them

1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders.

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders




1. Read a draft poem

  • Read the Draft Poem that has been written about insulting a Teddy Bear.
  • Spot the changes that the writer made when they re-read the poem. How have they improved the poem? Which lines in the poem do you like best? Why?


2. Write your own insult poem

  • Decide what you will insult. Make it a toy or an object not a person!
  • Use the Planner to write down ideas for insults. You can use some of the ideas in the teddy bear poem or from Day 4’s poems.
  • Choose your favourite ideas and put them in a good order for a poem.
  • Read your poem through and make changes to improve it.


3.  Practise performing your poem.   

  • Practise reading your poem, until you are able to read it really confidently.
  • Share your performance with somebody else.

P.E-Physical Education

Today I have a P.E or Physical education task for you all. I would like you to design a game that can be played in a P.E lesson.


You can make it appropriate to social distancing or not. It is up to you!

One thing you must consider is your A.B.C rule in P.E.

Consider these three key aspects of sport when you are creating you game for PE.


Top tip! Don't make it too confusing or have too many rules- The best games / activities are ones that are simple to understand and anyone can join in!