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Friday 5th June


Maths Training

Choose one of the challenges - think about everything you have learnt this week.


Friday's Writing Task  

Have a look at this picture then complete the activities below 

  • What do you think the rat is thinking? 
  • What has the rat been collecting? 
  • Is the rat the villain or hero in the story? 

Story Starter 

He just couldn't help himself because he had always been a greedy, fat rat. 

Up until this moment, he had never been spotted by a human. Now, that was about to change.... 


Can you continue the story? 


Here is our 'Thunk' for the week.  Write your thoughts and musings in your Lockdown Diary.  Also, send in to our email so that others can continue the virtual discussion.


                   If you fill a room full of bricks, is it still a room?