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Friday 5th June

Welcome to Fabulous Friday 3/4K!

Remember to email your work for our class 'Shout Out'.

Suggested timetable for learning at home today:

Maths: 30 minutes

English: 30 minutes



Reading: 20 minutes (have you done a quiz this week?)

Topic/music/PE: 30  minutes

Spelling: 15 minutes (ask a grown-up to test you on this week's words)

Maths: Times table warm-up. How quickly can you complete these?

Sorting 2 D shapes: Learning reminders

Now you try and sort 2 D shapes in a Venn diagram (draw your own in your book)

Now check your answers


Today we are going to look at another kind of shape poem called a Triangle poem

  • Read Triangle Poem.
  • Read it twice: once in your head and once out loud.
  • Which is your favourite verse?
  • Your favourite phrase?
  • Why is this called Triangle Poem?

Here are some example poems for you to read aloud and then in your head.

Each line in the poem gives us more detail about where, when, how. We do this by using conjuctions. Look at the learning reminders and try to add conjuctions to these sentences. Now try and write some lines for your own Triangle Poem.

This afternoon you can choose to work on your Anglo-Saxon House model, music or do a PE work-out.

Perhaps you would like to do more than 1 of these. Have fun and remember to get plenty of fresh air and exercise this weekend.

Have you done your Calm-Me-Time today?

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