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Here are some of 4M's posters 1. Noah's 2. Anastazja 3 .Maisy's -Bus stop method division 4. Liams' story plan 5. Maisy and Hamish doing today's English work 6. Aya's Poster 7 & 8 Rares working hard. 9. Noah's bee storyboard! 10. Noah Anansi summary
1. Keanna's amazing work in her book! 2. Marks marvelous maths! 3. Maisy's sugar cookies! 4. Keanna's work on 'Ananse and the birds' 5. Noah's treasure- with an added spade for 'archaeological authenticity 6. Rares brilliant science animal classification. 7. Aicha's treasure. 8. Anastazja's treasure poster. 9. Mohammad's treasure keeping him occupied. 10. Maisy's music work. 11. Ellie's lovely NHS poster! 12. Malak doing her English work. 13. Duarte's brilliant migration work! 14. Liams 7 times table work and helping mum bake! 15. Maisy Science energy pyramid 16. Mabast doing some gardening.