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Have a look at some of our home learning photos!
Picture 1 Amelia's addition
Picture 2 Amelia adding against the clock
Picture 3 Amelia practising 'ay' and 'ee'
Picture 4 Amelia carefully cutting
Picture 5 Carefully sticking
Picture 6 Using her fingers to solve the addition
Picture 7 Amelia's lovely letter for Aya
Picture 8 I think I think - Amelia
Picture 9 Amelia's measuring
Picture 10 Amelia learning about money
Picture 11 Amelia's number line for subtraction
Picture 12 Amelia's recycling activity
Picture 13 Amelia's subtraction
Picture 14 More subtraction!
Picture 15 Amelia's beautiful unicorn
Picture 16 Aya playing an addition game on the tablet
Picture 17 Subtraction games too!
Picture 18 Aya's delicious cookies!
Picture 19 Aya practising handwriting
Picture 1 David busy baking
Picture 2 Filling the cases
Picture 3 Green cupcakes - yum, yum!
Picture 4 David adding using his fingers
Picture 5 David practising times tables!
Picture 6 How clever
Picture 7 Noah's lovely letter to his friends
Picture 8 We miss you too Noah!
Picture 9 Noah busy with maths in the garden
Picture 10 Noah's subtraction with a number line
Picture 11 Concentrating
Picture 12 Noah practising the sound 'igh'
Picture 13 Theo's amazing plastic poster
Picture 14 Theo busy crafting
Picture 15 Storm troopers
Picture 16 The amazing final result - cool!
Picture 1 I think I stink - Aya
Picture 2 Aya's fantastic electric fish
Picture 3 David reading some tricky green words
Picture 4 David's amazing shape sentences
Picture 5 I think I stink - Emili
Picture 6 Emili's fantastic handwriting
Picture 7 Emili practising 'nk'
Picture 8 I think I stink - Noah
Picture 9 Noah's PE session in the garden
Picture 10 Jumping race
Picture 11 Hopping race
Picture 12 Crawling race
Picture 13 Book on the head race
Picture 14 Noah practising 'nk'
Picture 15 Noah solving today's maths challenge!
Picture 16 Noah jumping on red words
Picture 17 Jump, jump
Picture 18 Finding the right red word
Picture 19 Practising addition on the tablet
Picture 20 Complete!!
Picture 1 Amelia getting organised
Picture 2 A thing on a string - Amelia
Picture 3 Amelia busy drawing
Picture 4 Amelia amazing recycling picture!
Picture 5 Amelia grouping
Picture 6 More grouping
Picture 7 Amelia measuring
Picture 8 More measuring
Picture 9 Amelia's subtraction
Picture 10 Aya's subtraction
Picture 11 Aya's incredible Shark in the Park story map!
Picture 12 David's addition
Picture 13 David completes the handwriting book!
Picture 14 David practising handwriting
Picture 15 More addition from David
Picture 16 David ordering
Picture 17 More ordering
Picture 18 David practising 'ng'
Picture 19 David's fantastic recycling picture!
Picture 20 David solving his tricky number sentences
Picture 21 Look how tricky these are!
Picture 22 David's subtraction
Picture 23 A thing on a string - David
Picture 24 A close up of Emili's wonderful work
Picture 25 A fox in a box - Emili
Picture 26 A thing on a string - Emili
Picture 27 Emili busy practising 'ng'
Picture 28 Emili practising her pencil control
Picture 29 Emili's shapes at the circus
Picture 30 Noah's subtraction
Picture 31 More subtraction
Picture 32 Noah practising 'ng'
Picture 33 Noah visiting the recycling bank
Picture 34 Bottles go in here!
Picture 35 Noah's number sentences
Picture 36 Noah busy working with Daddy
Picture 37 Busy recycling at home
Picture 38 Cans go in too
Picture 39 And cardboard
Picture 1 'A fox in a box' - Amelia
Picture 2 Amelia's addition
Picture 3 Amelia doubling
Picture 4 Amelia's amazing fox in a box
Picture 5 Amelia halving
Picture 6 Amelia practising letter formation
Picture 7 More doubling from Amelia
Picture 8 More halving!
Picture 9 Practising pencil control - Amelia
Picture 10 Amelia hard at work
Picture 11 Amelia's wonderful writing
Picture 12 Aya's carnivores, herbivores and omnivores!
Picture 13 Aya carefully practising handwriting
Picture 14 A fox in a box - Noah
Picture 15 Keeping the big number in his head - Noah
Picture 16 Noah's fantastic recycling poster!
Picture 17 Plastics in Noah's house
Picture 18 Noah practising 'x'
Picture 19 Noah's number sentences
Picture 20 Noah's drawing of the plastic he found
Picture 21 A fox in a box - Theo
Picture 22 Theo's sparkly goldfish!
Picture 23 Theo's scary shark!!
Picture 1 Amelia drawing ready for her number line
Picture 2 Amelia's number line counting in 2s
Picture 3 Amelia adding
Picture 4 Practising handwriting - Amelia
Picture 5 Amelia's subtraction
Picture 6 More subtraction from Amelia
Picture 7 Using fingers to solve the problem!
Picture 8 Amelia's wonderful writing
Picture 9 Becky practising 'b'
Picture 10 Proud of her writing - Becky
Picture 11 Becky practising 'r'
Picture 12 Becky practising 'sh'
Picture 13 Princes Becky relaxing :)
Picture 14 Emili busy with maths
Picture 15 Emili practising 'ch'
Picture 16 Fish and chips yum yum - Emili
Picture 17 Emili's missing numbers
Picture 18 More maths from Emili!
Picture 19 Emili's fantastic repeating patterns.
Picture 20 "2, 4, 6, 8"
Picture 21 Noah's number line counting in 2s
Picture 22 Noah busy crafting
Picture 23 Noah's incredible shark, whale and crab!
Picture 24 Noah's awesome fish
Picture 25 Noah's octopus
Picture 26 Proud of his creations - Noah
Picture 27 A close up
Picture 28 Noah practising 'qu'
Picture 29 Noah story telling with his sea creatures
Picture 30 The queen was very quick - Noah
Picture 1 Busy, busy, busy - Aya
Picture 2 Aya's cat and 'pizza guy'
Picture 3 Aya's missing numbers
Picture 4 More missing numbers
Picture 5 Aya's numbers and counting
Picture 6 Aya ordering
Picture 7 Aya practises pencil control
Picture 8 Aya's wonderful writing!
Picture 9 I can zig and zag at the zoo - Noah
Picture 10 Noah writing about animals
Picture 11 Noah's missing numbers
Picture 12 More missing numbers!
Picture 13 Noah's police craft
Picture 14 Policeman Noah!
Picture 15 Talking about carnivores, herbivores & omnivores!
Picture 16 Noah sorting animals by what they eat
Picture 17 Noah practising 'z'
Picture 1 Amelia getting creative
Picture 2 Amelia's amazing drawings and facts!
Picture 3 Amelia sorting her fish
Picture 4 0-20 compete!
Picture 5 Amelia busy with maths
Picture 6 More maths from Amelia
Picture 7 Ordering numbers - Amelia
Picture 8 Completing lots of her maths book - Amelia
Picture 9 Number and counting - Amelia
Picture 10 Amelia making her number line
Picture 11 Amelia using her number line
Picture 12 Amelia's number sentences!
Picture 13 A run in the sun - Amelia
Picture 14 Amelia practising 'th'
Picture 15 Amelia's careful colouring
Picture 16 Practising pencil control - Amelia
Picture 17 A run in the sun - Aya
Picture 18 Aya's fantastic animal drawings and facts
Picture 19 Aya using pens to solve her addition!
Picture 20 Aya's number sentences complete
Picture 21 Practising 'th' - Aya
Picture 22 Aya ordering her fish 0-20
Picture 23 Caiden's fantastic dinosaur creation!
Picture 24 A close up!
Picture 25 A run in the sun - David
Picture 26 Sorting animals - David
Picture 27 Lots of maths from David
Picture 28 Practising pencil control - David
Picture 29 David solving addition using his fingers!
Picture 30 Complete!
Picture 31 David practising 'th'
Picture 32 I miss my friends - Elisei
Picture 33 Marvelous maths from Emili
Picture 34 More maths
Picture 35 And even more!
Picture 36 Practising pencil control - Emili
Picture 37 Practising 'th' Emili
Picture 38 More pencil control
Picture 39 A run in the sun - Emili
Picture 40 Extending today's sentence - Noah
Picture 41 Noah completing addition
Picture 42 More maths
Picture 43 Even more maths!
Picture 44 Noah's number line addition
Picture 45 And more!
Picture 46 Sorting animals - Noah
Picture 47 The final result
Picture 48 Theo's fantastic crocodile fact file!
Picture 49 Theo's fabulous frog life cycle
Picture 50 Practising 'th' - Theo
Picture 1 Becky playing shops with her sister - £5 please!
Picture 2 Caiden's wonderful writing
Picture 3 Caiden busy with maths
Picture 4 Caiden's maths using coins :)
Picture 5 David carefully cutting fruit
Picture 6 Creating a masterpiece
Picture 7 David's beautiful palm tree!
Picture 8 Marvelous maths by David
Picture 9 and more...
Picture 10 and more...
Picture 11 and more...
Picture 12 and even more - David has been busy!
Picture 13 David practising pencil control
Picture 14 Practising writing - David
Picture 15 Emili ordering numbers to 20
Picture 16 Emili enjoying Amelia's video
Picture 17 And David's!
Picture 18 Emili practising 'w'
Picture 19 Noah practising his handwriting
Picture 20 Practising the sound 'w' - Noah
Picture 21 Doctor Noah!
Picture 22 Open wide please
Picture 23 Noah's awesome home made doctors equipment
Picture 24 Just like we did at school, but even better!
Picture 25 Next patient please!
Picture 26 All of the fish from Tiddler - Noah
Picture 27 Lots of maths from Noah
Picture 28 More maths
Picture 29 And even more!
Picture 30 Noah's wonderful writing
Picture 31 Listening carefully to the story
Picture 32 Theo practising pencil control!
Picture 1 Noah learning about VE day
Picture 2 Writing about his learning
Picture 3 Noah proud of the final result!
Picture 4 VE day is victory in Europe!
Picture 5 Noah making bunting
Picture 6 Up in the window
Picture 7 Celebrating with his brother :)
Picture 8 Noah making a war medal
Picture 9 Noah's war medal!
Picture 10 Making bread and butter pudding
Picture 11 The final result - delicious!
Picture 12 Yum, yum!
Picture 1 Amelia's amazing frog life cycle
Picture 2 Amelia busy with maths
Picture 3 More maths by Amelia
Picture 4 Amelia's repeating pattern!
Picture 5 Amelia hard at work!
Picture 6 Amelia practising her pencil control
Picture 7 Practising 'y' - Amelia
Picture 8 David's fantastic repeating patterns!
Picture 9 And even more
Picture 1 Amelia busy drawing
Picture 2 Amelia's amazing land and sea animals!
Picture 3 Amelia practising her pencil control
Picture 4 More pencil practise
Picture 5 Amelia reading and writing numbers
Picture 6 Amelia writing red words
Picture 7 Amelia's red word list
Picture 8 Amelia's shape pattern!
Picture 9 Amelia practising 'v'
Picture 10 Aya practising 'y'
Picture 11 Aya's marvelous maths!
Picture 12 Aya's awesome octopus
Picture 13 Aya's pattern caterpillars
Picture 14 Aya hard at work!
Picture 15 Aya's amazing sea and land animals picture
Picture 16 Aya practising 'v'
Picture 17 Aya's repeating patterns
Picture 18 Emili practising 'y'
Picture 19 Elisei busy writing!
Picture 20 Noah's marvelous maths!
Picture 21 Noah hard at work
Picture 22 Noah's fantastic frog life cycle!
Picture 23 Super sentences from Noah
Picture 24 Practising 'y' Noah
Picture 25 More maths from Noah
Picture 26 Noah practising 'oo'
Picture 27 Busy, busy, busy
Picture 28 Noah's repeating patterns
Picture 29 Patterns with objects from Noah's house
Picture 30 More patterns from Noah
Picture 31 And more
Picture 32 And more
Picture 33 And even more! :)
Picture 1 Amelia's cool caterpillar patterns!
Picture 2 Amelia's hand print fish
Picture 3 The final fantastic result!
Picture 4 Amelia's marvelous nocturnal animals
Picture 5 Amelia's hand print octopus
Picture 6 A close up!
Picture 7 David reading red words!
Picture 8 'A big red van' - Emili
Picture 9 Emili busy writing
Picture 10 Emili's fantastic patterns!
Picture 11 Emili's wonderful writing
Picture 12 Busy, busy, busy!
Picture 13 Noah's sports day sack race!
Picture 14 Egg and spoon race at home - Noah & his brother
Picture 15 Noah's fantastic land and sea creature pictures
Picture 16 Noah's awesome patterns
Picture 17 More cool patterns from Noah
Picture 18 Practising the sound 'oo' - Noah
Picture 19 Practising 'v' - Noah
Picture 20 Learning red words with his Auntie - Noah
Picture 21 Theo's fantastic nocturnal animals!
Picture 1 Aya drawing her night time animals
Picture 2 The final amazing result!
Picture 3 Practising 'j' - Aya
Picture 4 David's hand crab!
Picture 5 Look at all the green words David can read
Picture 6 And these red ones too!
Picture 7 Practising 'sh' - David
Picture 8 Emili remembering her finger spaces
Picture 9 Emili perfecting her handwriting
Picture 10 Emili reading green words!
Picture 11 Noah making repeating pattern caterpillars
Picture 12 The final result!
Picture 13 Noah drawing nocturnal animals
Picture 14 The final picture!
Picture 15 Practising 'ea' - Noah
Picture 16 Noah's fish fact - they don't have eyelids
Picture 17 Practising 'j' Noah
Picture 18 Noah cutting shapes for his picture
Picture 19 Adding the finishing touches
Picture 20 Noah's awesome shape fish picture
Picture 21 Noah's shape hunt game
Picture 22 Let's find some!
Picture 23 Noah writing a story
Picture 24 What a fab story!
Picture 25 A close up
Picture 26 Theo's fantastic day time/night time drawing
Picture 27 Theo's awesome fish shape picture!
Picture 1 Amelia counting to 20 in 2s!
Picture 2 Amelia busy painting
Picture 3 My family - by Amelia
Picture 4 Amelia practising 'sh'
Picture 5 Painting 'r'
Picture 6 Remembering finger spaces
Picture 7 'Run to the shop' - Amelia
Picture 8 Drawing her shape fish
Picture 9 Amelia writing and practising red words
Picture 10 More beautiful paintings
Picture 11 Shapes that look like fish - Amelia
Picture 12 Amelia's day time and night time picture!
Picture 1 Aya reading a story on her tablet
Picture 2 Aya solving addition problems on her tablet
Picture 3 'I swim like a fish' - Aya
Picture 4 Look at all the green and red words Aya can read!
Picture 5 Aya's awesome fish shape picture
Picture 6 Aya's turtle creation
Picture 7 PIzza, eggs, doughnuts, cookies and cake!
Picture 8 Caiden's marvelous maths!
Picture 9 Using coins to solve the problem
Picture 10 More maths!
Picture 11 David measuring feet with fingers!
Picture 12 More measuring
Picture 13 David can count to 30 in 2s!
Picture 14 'Run to the (toy) shop' by David
Picture 15 David's magic fish picture...
Picture 16 Surprise!
Picture 17 'Run to the shop' by Noah
Picture 18 Noah's fantastic 'sh' sentence
Picture 19 Noah can count to 20 in 2s!
Picture 20 Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s - Noah
Picture 21 Look at all the green words Noah can read!
Picture 22 And all of these red words too!
Picture 23 Noah drawing his day/night picture
Picture 24 I brush my teeth at night and day time!
Picture 25 The final result!
Picture 26 Shapes by Noah
Picture 27 Noah's keep fit gane
Picture 28 Do 6 star jumps
Picture 29 Balance on one leg!
Picture 1 Today's maths challenge by Amelia
Picture 2 A fish on a dish
Picture 3 Busy drawing and writing
Picture 4 Animals that hatch from eggs by Amelia
Picture 5 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive!
Picture 6 Practising the sound 'r'
Picture 7 Amelia can read all these green words!
Picture 8 Measuring my families feet by Amelia
Picture 9 A rat on a red rug!
Picture 10 Practising 'r' by Noah
Picture 11 The castle has a big moat
Picture 12 Noah counting to 20 faster and faster
Picture 13 Noah sorting coins on his tablet
Picture 14 Noah's shop role play
Picture 15 Sorting coins to pay
Picture 16 I walked at 11 months
Picture 17 Mum's foot is bigger!
Picture 18 Making pitta pizza
Picture 19 The final result - yum, yum!
Picture 20 More number bond sentences by Noah
Picture 21 Theo comparing feet!
Picture 1 Aya's amazing Cat in a Hat!
Picture 2 DJ Aya - role play fun at home
Picture 3 Look at all of Aya's maths work!
Picture 4 David's turtle creation!
Picture 5 David's turtle life cycle
Picture 6 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, once I caught a fish alive!
Picture 7 David reading a story on his tablet
Picture 8 David labelling a turtle!
Picture 9 Elisei practising his sounds and writing
Picture 10 Emili's wonderful writing
Picture 11 'Practising 'i' and today's sentence - Emili
Picture 12 'Practising 'i' and today's sentence - Noah
Picture 13 Noah reading a story on his tablet!
Picture 14 Practising the sound 'oi' by Noah
Picture 15 Look at all the animals that hatch - by Noah
Picture 16 Lots of addition sentences from Noah
Picture 17 Noah has been learning about number bonds to 10
Picture 18 Number bonds to 10 by Noah
Picture 19 Noah's 'den' building with his brother
Picture 20 More 'den' fun
Picture 21 Theo's terrific 3D turtle!
Picture 1 'A long leg' by Amelia
Picture 2 Today's maths challenge by Amelia
Picture 3 My turtle is green - Amelia
Picture 4 'A cat in a hat' by Amelia
Picture 5 Careful cutting
Picture 6 Amelia's fantastic shape picture!
Picture 7 Amelia's amazing cat in a hat!
Picture 8 Aya preparing her fruit salad
Picture 9 The final result looks delicious! Yum, yum!
Picture 10 Aya's amazing 'cat in the hat'
Picture 11 Emili practising her sounds
Picture 12 More writing by Emili :)
Picture 13 Even more writing by Emili!
Picture 14 Emili remembering her finger spaces :)
Picture 15 'A cat in a hat' by Emili
Picture 16 Practising the sound 'h' by Emili
Picture 17 Noah practising the sound 'h'
Picture 18 Noah's independent writing - great spelling!
Picture 19 Noah explaining the life cycle of a turtle
Picture 20 Noah's diagram of the turtle life cycle
Picture 21 Busy writing!
Picture 22 Noah ordering numbers from 50-0!
Picture 23 Noah creating sets for his number sentences
Picture 24 5 + 7 = 12 Noah's first number sentence
Picture 25 10 + 9 = 19
Picture 26 16 + 15 = 31!
Picture 1 Aya drawing her fantastic turtle
Picture 2 The final result by Aya - beautiful!
Picture 3 Aya's wonderful writing!
Picture 4 David making delicious cookies
Picture 5 Yum yum!
Picture 6 David making a house
Picture 7 Construction work under way!
Picture 8 A rocket - by David
Picture 9 David made a 'corona virus' shape
Picture 10 David learning lots about the sound 'ee'
Picture 11 Completing the missing sounds by David
Picture 12 David finding the missing letters of the alphabet
Picture 13 Lots of writing by David
Picture 14 David finding the missing initial sound
Picture 15 Addition and subtraction to 20 by David!
Picture 16 David completing the missing numbers
Picture 17 David finding the missing number
Picture 18 Which is the shortest?
Picture 19 Naming and drawing shapes by David
Picture 20 Emili practising writing!
Picture 21 Emili's beautiful rainbow for all to see :)
Picture 22 Emili's amazing drawing
Picture 23 Emili rolling out the pastry
Picture 24 Cutting out the cookies
Picture 25 Getting ready to bake
Picture 26 Carefully putting the biscuits in the oven!
Picture 27 The final result - yum yum
Picture 28 Emili practising the sound 'c'
Picture 29 Practising the sound 'm' by Emili
Picture 30 Practising number formation to 20 by Emili
Picture 31 Fantastic sea creatures by Emili
Picture 32 Emili watering her plants - coriander and parsley!
Picture 33 Emili practising number formation to 10
Picture 34 Practising the sound 't' by Emili
Picture 35 Making today's sentence even better - by Noah
Picture 36 Noah practising the sound 'l'
Picture 37 Noah completing today's maths challenge
Picture 38 More maths challenges from Noah
Picture 39 Noah busy making a turtle
Picture 40 The final result - fantastic!
Picture 41 Terrific turtle facts by Noah!
Picture 42 Completing the alphabet by Noah
Picture 43 Rhyming words by Noah
Picture 44 Theo's amazing turtle project work!
Picture 45 A close up of Theo's terrific turtle!
Picture 1 Amelia's marvelous maths!
Picture 2 Making a bunny - by Amelia
Picture 3 Amelia's beautiful bunny!
Picture 1 Wonderful writing by Amelia
Picture 2 Amelia's beautiful big pig in mud!
Picture 3 More fantastic writing from Amelia
Picture 4 Matching patterned shapes by Amelia
Picture 5 'I wish I could have a puppy' by Amelia
Picture 6 Theo's 'I wish I had a horse' drawing!
Picture 7 Aya's number sentences and 'I wish' drawing :)
Picture 8 Aya's wonderful writing
Picture 9 The fish who could wish by Aya
Picture 10 Noah's home cafe
Picture 11 Noah serving his customers
Picture 12 Noah - practising number formation
Picture 13 Noah completing a missing number challenge
Picture 14 Noah's missing number line - completed!
Picture 15 Practising 'e' by Noah
Picture 16 Noah extending today's sentence! :)
Picture 17 Noah completing today's number sentences
Picture 18 Noah's own additions - over 10!
Picture 19 Noah ordering numbers to 50!
Picture 20 Noah ordering numbers to 100 in 10's
Picture 21 Noah practising balancing and co-ordination!
Picture 1 These are my good friends - by Amelia
Picture 2 Amelia's marvelous maths!
Picture 3 'Can a cat hop?' Amelia using questions marks!
Picture 4 'A big pig in mud' by Aya
Picture 5 Counting shells by Aya
Picture 6 Feathers, skin or fur by Noah
Picture 7 Noah practising the sound 'f'
Picture 8 A big pig in mud by Noah
Picture 9 Theo's wonderful writing!
Picture 10 A beautiful big pig in mud by Theo!
Picture 1 A lovely letter from Aya for Mrs King :)
Picture 2 Aya's fantastic friends picture!
Picture 3 Noah counting the spacemen's fingers & toes!
Picture 4 Noah's fabulous friends picture!
Picture 5 Noah practising the sound 'b'
Picture 6 Look at all the 'b' words in Noah's sentence!
Picture 1 Look at Aya's amazing cookies - yum!
Picture 2 Aya's beautiful Rainbow Fish - with a crown :)
Picture 3 Aya drawing her fantastic octopus
Picture 4 The final result - an awesome blue octopus!
Picture 1 Amelia practising 'u', using finger spaces!
Picture 2 Look at all of Amelia's wonderful writing!
Picture 3 Amelia's marvelous maths!
Picture 4 Look at Amelia's running dog!
Picture 5 Noah found out about lots of different fish!
Picture 6 Noah played a subitise game with his mummy!
Picture 7 Noah reading lots of eBooks from Oxford Owl :)
Picture 8 Noah said his dog looks like a caterpillar :)
Picture 9 Theo's fabulous Rainbow Fish picture!
Picture 10 Rhyming words by Theo
Picture 11 Amelia sewing together her tiger
Picture 12 What a fantastic end result!
Picture 13 Amelia's awesome octopus!
Picture 14 A beautiful Rainbow Fish by Amelia
Picture 15 David's beautiful rainbow flowers
Picture 16 David's fantastic art gallery
Picture 17 Noah's fantastic octopus creation
Picture 18 Amazing octopus facts by Noah
Picture 19 Noah made sets of 10 and counted to 100 in 10's
Picture 20 Noah's running fish! :)
Picture 21 Noah's Rainbow Fish for everyone to see
Picture 22 Noah's special friends word hunt
Picture 23 Amelia's beautiful rainbow
Picture 24 Elisei's lovely picture for Mrs Ashton & Mrs King
Picture 25 Theo has been busy making 3D sharks!
Picture 26 Big David and little David differences :)
Picture 27 David's fantastic rainbow
Picture 28 Noah's amazing Mr Pope!
Picture 29 Noah's fantastic under the sea poster
Picture 30 Fascinating sea creature facts by Noah