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Have a look at some of our home learning photos!
Thank you for all your hard work Max, Amelie, Bailey, Emilija, Dilanas and all of RC. Remember your milk bottle challenge.... turn a milk bottle into something wonderful over half term. Check out Theo’s storm trooper mask! You’ll find it under RK’s Gallery. Have fun! Mrs Cabras.
Picture 1 Bailey's marvellous maths
Picture 2 Bailey practising handwriting
Picture 3 Bailey practising writing his numbers
Picture 4 More numbers
Picture 5 Bailey's rhyming words
Picture 6 Bailey upper and lower case letters
Picture 7 Bailey's word builder
Picture 8 Dilanas proud of his subtractions
Picture 9 Dilanas writing green words
Picture 10 More green words!
Picture 11 Max's green words
Picture 12 Thank you Mrs Cabras - Max
Picture 1 Dilanas watering at the allotment
Picture 2 Dilanas busy writing
Picture 3 Dilanas practising handwriting
Picture 4 More handwriting
Picture 5 Dilanas practising 'ng'
Picture 6 ng, ng, ng
Picture 7 Dilanas solving subtraction
Picture 8 Max blowing bubbles
Picture 1 Bailey's fantastic 'thing on a string'
Picture 2 Bailey's cool Lego house
Picture 3 Dilanas proud of his addition
Picture 4 Dilanas 1 more / 1 less
Picture 5 A fish in a bottle - Dilanas
Picture 6 Emilija busy drawing
Picture 7 Emilija's fantastic 'thing on a string'
Picture 8 Max's subtraction
Picture 9 Max's amazing 'thing on a string'
Picture 1 Dilanas practising 'qu'
Picture 2 Dilanas practising 'x'
Picture 3 Emilija's amazing fox in a box
Picture 4 Emilija busy drawing
Picture 5 Emilija practising her handwriting
Picture 6 Lots of maths from Emilija
Picture 7 Emilija ordering numbers
Picture 8 Emilija's fantastic recycling poster!
Picture 9 Emilija practising x
Picture 10 Emilija's wonderful writing
Picture 11 Max busy adding
Picture 12 Max's fantastic recycling poster!
Picture 13 Max's wonderful writing
Picture 1 Max's awesome shark creation
Picture 2 Very scary!
Picture 3 A close up
Picture 1 Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores - Dilanas
Picture 2 A fantastic crocodile by Dilanas
Picture 3 Practising letter formation - Dilanas
Picture 4 Missing numbers by Dilianas
Picture 5 Dilianas busy with maths
Picture 6 An awesome octopus by Dilanas!
Picture 7 Practising 'ch' - Dilanas
Picture 8 Practising 'h' Dilanas
Picture 9 When I got my first tooth - Dilanas
Picture 10 Emilija finger painting
Picture 11 Emilija's missing numbers
Picture 12 Emilija painting
Picture 13 Emilija's fantastic under the sea painting!
Picture 14 Emilija practising 'z'
Picture 15 Zip up the bag - Emilija
Picture 16 Missing numbers by Max
Picture 17 Max's scary piranha!
Picture 18 Max's wonderful writing
Picture 19 Max busy writing!
Picture 1 Dilanas - animals that can crawl, swim, run & jog
Picture 2 Dilanas completing his maths!
Picture 3 Using a number line and Lego to solve addition
Picture 4 Dilanas practising z
Picture 5 Emilija making an under the sea picture
Picture 6 Emilija adding features
Picture 7 Emilija - the fantastic final result!
Picture 8 Emilija - a run in the sun
Picture 9 Emilija's missing numbers
Picture 10 Emilija completing maths
Picture 11 Emelija sorting animals
Picture 12 Max's awesome under the sea picture
Picture 1 Dilanas practising t and th
Picture 2 Emilija cutting out her fish
Picture 3 Emilija ordering her numbers
Picture 4 0-20 complete!
Picture 5 Land animals by Emilija
Picture 6 and sea animals
Picture 7 Emilija's number sentences
Picture 8 Practising 'w' Emilija
Picture 9 Emilija's rainbow mop
Picture 10 Solving number sentences with balls - Emilija
Picture 11 Max busy with play dough
Picture 12 The final creations
Picture 13 A beautiful unicorn - Max
Picture 1 Dilanas sorting animals by land, sea and air!
Picture 2 Lots of maths by Dilanas
Picture 3 Night time animals by Dilanas
Picture 4 Dilanas ordering numbers
Picture 5 Repeating patterns by Dilanas!
Picture 6 Dilanas practising 'w'
Picture 7 Emilija's amazing 'vet in a van'
Picture 8 Emilija busy drawing
Picture 9 Emilija practising handwriting
Picture 10 Emilija counting from 100-0 in 10's!
Picture 11 More maths by Emilija
Picture 12 And more!
Picture 13 Emilija reading
Picture 14 Emilija's wonderful writing
Picture 15 Lots of maths from Emilija
Picture 16 Ordering numbers by Max
Picture 17 Sea and land creatures by Max
Picture 1 Bailey's marvelous numbers and patterns
Picture 2 Dilanas busy with maths!
Picture 3 More maths by Dilanas
Picture 4 A shape pattern by Dilanas
Picture 5 Practising 'v' by Dilanas
Picture 6 A fantastic frog by Max!
Picture 7 Max practising 'y'
Picture 1 Happy 5th birthday Kemi!
Picture 2 Bailey's fantastic fish Benji
Picture 3 A fantastic hand fish by Dilanas
Picture 4 'A big red van' by Emilija
Picture 5 Emilija busy writing
Picture 6 Emilija completing sentences
Picture 7 Emilija sorting full and empty
Picture 8 Emilija completing missing numbers to 20
Picture 9 Emilija's fantastic patterns!
Picture 10 'A big red van' - Amelie
Picture 11 Amelie's awesome shape patterns!
Picture 12 Practising 'v' - Amelie
Picture 1 Emilija counting from 20 - 0!
Picture 2 Practising 'sh' Emilija
Picture 3 A dog can run - Emilija
Picture 4 Emilija's hand crab!
Picture 5 Drawing her crab picture
Picture 6 Emilija's day and night picture
Picture 7 Emilija's fish
Picture 8 Practising 'j' Emilja
Picture 9 Emilija's fish shape picture
Picture 10 Bailey and Mrs Cabras!
Picture 11 Dilanas practising 'j'
Picture 12 Dilanas busy with maths
Picture 13 A dog can run - Max
Picture 14 Max's hand octopus!
Picture 15 Sofia practising her pencil skills!
Picture 1 Amelie working on her sea creation
Picture 2 The final amazing result - jelly fish!
Picture 3 Amelie's octopus
Picture 4 Amelie's under the sea drawing
Picture 5 Amelie's day time picture
Picture 6 Night time by Amelie
Picture 7 Colour by word by Amelija
Picture 8 Amelija adding to 20
Picture 9 Practising 'r' by Amelija
Picture 10 Amelija hard at work
Picture 11 A rat on a red rug! Amelija
Picture 12 Don't forget finger spaces :)
Picture 13 Amelija cutting her shapes
Picture 14 Adding the finishing touches
Picture 15 Amelija's amazing fish shape picture
Picture 16 'Run to the shop' Amelija
Picture 17 Working carefully on her picture
Picture 18 Amelija's day time picture
Picture 19 Kaedan-John hard at work
Picture 20 Kaedan-John learning about time
Picture 21 A fantastic fish shape picture by Max
Picture 22 Day time and night time by Max!
Picture 1 Dilanas busy with maths!
Picture 2 Using spoons and forks to add
Picture 3 A beautiful cat painting by Dilanas
Picture 4 Dilanas completes the life cycle of a turtle
Picture 5 Story time
Picture 6 Max counting to 20
Picture 1 Amelie's wonderful writing!
Picture 2 Amelie singing '10 fat sausages sizzling in a pan'
Picture 3 Amelie busy counting
Picture 4 Look at all of Amelie's maths!
Picture 5 Emilija completing a maths challenge
Picture 6 Emilija drawing her cat in a hat
Picture 7 The final result!
Picture 8 All of these animals come from eggs - by Emilija
Picture 9 Busy writing - with finger spaces (Emilija)
Picture 10 Maths by Dilanas
Picture 11 Dilanas practising his number formation
Picture 12 Practising today's sound 'i' by Dilanas
Picture 13 Dilanas recognising shapes!
Picture 14 Dilanas practising the sound 'h'
Picture 15 Dilanas comparing length
Picture 16 More maths by Dilanas
Picture 1 Amelie's wonderful writing - with finger spaces!
Picture 2 Amelija writing about the life cycle of a turtle
Picture 3 Amelija's terrific turtle!
Picture 4 Careful cutting :)
Picture 5 The final results - well done Amelija
Picture 1 Amelie making her lego turtle
Picture 2 What a wonderful result :)
Picture 3 Bailey's fantastic painting
Picture 4 A terrific turtle made by Dilanas
Picture 5 Dilanas painting pigs in mud!
Picture 6 Dilanas practising the sound 'l'
Picture 7 More practising by Dilanas!
Picture 8 A fantastic lego turtle by Dilanas
Picture 9 An amazing lego turtle by Max!
Picture 1 Dilanas practising the sound 'a'
Picture 2 Dilanas practising the sound 'd'
Picture 3 My best friend Kaedan - by Dilanas
Picture 4 There's no place like home - by Dilanas
Picture 5 The final result! :)
Picture 1 Emilija’s family have 40 fingers altogether
Picture 2 Emilija practising the sound 'f'
Picture 3 Emilija’s best friends - Emelia and Dilanas
Picture 4 Emilija making an octopus with friends
Picture 5 The final result - by Emilja:)
Picture 6 Outdoor learning by Emilija
Picture 7 Emilija’s marvellous maths!
Picture 1 40 fingers in Amelie's family!
Picture 2 Bailey's friends - Dilanas and Christian
Picture 1 Amelie's amazing friends picture!
Picture 2 Amelie busy practising the sound 'b'
Picture 3 Amelija's wonderful writing - I miss school!
Picture 4 Max's marvelous friend picture of Karolina :)
Picture 1 Amelie's beautiful octopus!
Picture 2 Amelie's marvelous maths
Picture 3 More maths by Amelie
Picture 4 Matching pictures and words by Amelie
Picture 5 Amelie adding labels to pictures :)
Picture 6 Wonderful writing by Amelie
Picture 7 Just like in Read Write Inc group by Amelie!
Picture 8 Max's amazing octopus and writing!
Picture 9 Bailey's octopus of hope! :)
Picture 10 Emelija's amazing Rainbow Fish
Picture 11 Fantastic sentences by Emelija
Picture 12 Look at all of Emelija's wonderful writing!
Picture 13 An octopus with long legs by Dilanas
Picture 14 A fantastic Rainbow Fish by Dilanas!
Picture 15 Dilianas busy practising the sound 'c'
Picture 16 A beautiful rainbow by Dilanas
Picture 17 Dilanas practising the sound 'n'
Picture 18 Ordering The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Dilanas
Picture 19 Dilanas making an under the water poster
Picture 20 Max proudly showing his star fish picture!
Picture 21 Max's marvellous star fish drawing!