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Our Topic for this term is...

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Miss Samani searching for treasure!

What is treasure?


Do you have an object which is precious to you?


Can you describe and write about your object?


Write your answers down in your books and send a picture of your 'treasure' to your teacher.


Danielius I know you've been waiting to show off your earthquake knowledge! Read all about earthquakes and then answer the questions. Perhaps you could research an earthquake and make a fact file about it; name, country, continent, date, how it affected the people living there.

Earthquake reading comprehension

Earthquake reading comprehension  1
Earthquake reading comprehension  2

Earthquake cross section labeling activity- See below to link to document

Earthquake cross section labeling activity- See below to link to document 1

Tectonic Plates - The Skin of Our Planet | Down to Earth

The ground beneath our feet is not as immobile as it seems. Earth's crust is like a puzzle of gigantic rocky floats that collide and sheer off constantly, fo...

Plate Tectonics for Kids - from

Visit for more science videos for kids. Our Earth is made of large pieces (land masses) called plates.These land masses move arou...



As you'll remember we did a lot talking about kindness and what it means to be a good friend. The British Red Cross have designed a kindness calendar so that you could fill out one 'kind' act that you do for each day- Seeing as today (the day I am writing this) is the first day of the month, it would be great if you could fill this in one day at a time.


See below for the link to the calendar.

Keep being kind. 'Good thoughts, good words, good deeds'



You can show your kindness by:

  • Doing helpful things at home
  • Being kind to each other
  • Using kind words
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Thinking of others for example, making sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds to stop germs spreading and by staying at home as much as possible, you are protecting others.
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