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Monday 11th May


Today we are focusing on the 7 times tables. This will serve as some fantastic revision and if you are already confident in them, you can try to improve your speed.


1. Start by reading through the Learning Reminders. They come from the PowerPoint slides.

2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge 1
Learning reminders-Click to enlarge 2

Answer these questions! Click to enlarge

Answer these questions! Click to enlarge 1

7 times mild/hot sheet


1. Make predictions about a story

• Look at the Front Cover of Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.

• Make a note of all the things that you can notice. Who do you think the people are? Why is there a mountain? Who is the picture of?

• What do you think might happen in this story?


2. Read the start of the story and answer questions

• Read Mufaro Beginning. • Answer Mufaro Questions 1.

• Challenge yourself to answer Mufaro Questions 2.

Picture 1

Mufaro- story beginning and questions


In today's science we are continuing to look into food chains! We will be looking at the definitions of 'producers' and 'consumers'. We have previously discussed in class what the difference is between predator and prey- predators eat their prey. Or, you could say predators consume their prey!

Learning reminders

Learning reminders 1
Learning reminders 2

Can you sort out the below animals into their correct categories? Producer or consumer? Predator or prey?


Can you be more than one thing? for example, mice are consumers as they eat plants and mushrooms...but they're also eaten by birds! So that would make them...can you tell me!

Group these animals-Click to enlarge

Group these animals-Click to enlarge 1
Group these animals-Click to enlarge 2
Below is an energy pyramid. It shows the transfer of energy between animals as they are consumed (or eaten). I would like you to create your own energy pyramid using your knowledge of food chains and who is eaten by what. I have created a template for you to use at the bottom of the page or you can draw your own!

Energy pyramid

Energy pyramid 1