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Monday 15th June

Good morning 3/4K

We have an exciting new week of  learning. Have fun!

Suggested timetable for learning at home


Maths: 30 minutes

English: 30 minutes


Reading: 20 minutes

PSHE : 20 minutes (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education)

Spelling: 15 minutes

Maths: mental warm-up

Mental maths answers

Watch this video to remind you how to use the column method to add 3 digit numbers.


Now try these 3 digit additions using the column method. Remember to label your H, T 1s and keep your digits in the correct column.

Now check your answers


5 ways to keep yourself amused in lockdown
Have you found any unusual or interesting ways to keep yourself amused during lockdown?

Here are twelve things that you can do at home.

Put them in an order with the most interesting at the top and the least interesting at the bottom.

Add things that you like doing that I've missed out.

Think about things that you really like doing and really hold your attention and select 5 to write about:
reading comics
• watching TV
• computer games
• looking out of the window
• cooking
• writing stories
• playing with lego
• painting or drawing
• talking to the cat/dog/baby brother, etc
• whistling
• staring at the ceiling daydreaming


Here are the 5 ideas that I have had. What ideas have you got? You can use the way that I have written my ideas to write yours, if you want. The hard bit is to make each idea different. I've tried to list unusual ways to keep amused.


  • You can apply to the Guinness Book of Records for the world record as child couch potato.
  • You can try surfing TV channels, and see if you can keep up with the plot of 5 programmes at the same time.
  •  When it rains, you can play raindrop races by betting on which drop will reach the bottom of the window pane first.
  • You can train the spider that lives in the plughole to be an acrobat and develop skills as an arachnid trapeze artist.
  • You can draw anything from a Gruffalump eating a cheese sandwich to a Hippocrampus that is stuck in a drain.

Writing tip: make each idea different and avoid repetition or the reader might get bored.       Surprise the reader so each idea is a totally new suggestion.


Every Monday and Thursday instead of topic work we will be thinking and exploring ways to keep our minds and bodies healthy. This is really important as so many of the things we normally do have changed over the last few weeks since we have not been at school. The lesson will be in three short parts;

  1. Calm me session
  2. Tell me
  3. Let me learn


We will start every session we have will start with a ‘calm me’ section  This is a time to be mindful and calm and therefore ready to learn and be relaxed. Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor. Try to do this with a grown-up and listen to the instructions I have recorded for you. Does your mind feel calm now and ready to learn?



Calm ME session 1: Our AMAZING bodies

Tell me: Now listen and follow as I read to you the facts about Coronavirus

Still image for this video
We have all been hearing a lot about the Coronavirus recently, and that some of what we hear is quite confusing, so today you will be explaining some of the facts. We don’t know everything about it yet, but there are somethings we DO know to be true, and you want to share that information with everyone by making a poster of the facts.

Let me learn:

Now you have read this book and I want you to design a poster showing what you know about Coronavirus.

  • What is it? 
  • How is it spread and why do we have to stop it spreading?
  • What can we do to stop it spreading? 


Use the FACTS in the book to help you. You can read it for yourself on our class page These pictures might help you too.  Remember if you have any questions or worries, talk to your grown-up or email these to our class web address and I will try to answer them for you.