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Monday 1st June


Perimeter is the length measurement around a shape (imagine walking around a football pitch.)  To find it you add all the lengths together (in a rectangle there will be 4 measurements to add.)

It is measured in millimetres, centimetres, metres, kilometres, inches, yards, miles ...


Don't get muddled with area, which is the measurement inside a shape (remember - penalty area in football).

Choose your Chilli Challenge - imagine walking around the shape!

How did you get on?

This week in English we are going to be thinking about the differences between formal and informal language. 

Watch this video: 'Message to myself in six-months time'. Listen carefully to the information as you will need to answer some questions about it.   


Voices: Laura Smyth on what she's learnt during lockdown

Answer these questions: 

  • What did Laura say sorry for?
  • What two things did she say in her defence?
  • What was her hope for her future self about this?
  • What phrase does Laura repeat?
  • Why does she repeat this?
  • What four things does Laura ask about specifically?
  • What advice does Laura give herself?
  • Who does she mention in particular?
What is formal and informal language? 

Look at this information about when formal and informal language would be used


Use apostrophes (') to contract these words  (Tomorrow I will share the answers)

she                  will               she'll                
you had  
must not  
I would  
does not  
can not   


Place the contractive apostrophe in these words  

weve                dont              hell                  
itll shouldnt theyre
wouldve youre ill
theyd couldnt mustve


Your science task for this week is to create a poster  about staying safe with electricity. I have included some ideas. I'm sure you can make a better poster than these.