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Monday-27th April

Below are the activities for today. Scroll down.

Maths- 30 Minutes 

English- 30 minutes 

Science- 20 minutes


Maths 1



1. Read a story.

• Read 'Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom'. 

• How would you describe the character of Ananse? Can you make up three sentences to describe him?

• Do you think what happened to him was fair? Why?

2. Summarise the story

• Use words and pictures to put the story on Story Summary (See below). 

• Try using your summary to help you tell the story to somebody else.

Click to enlarge the story below

Click to enlarge the story below 1
Click to enlarge the story below 2

Plot summary sheet



This term in science we are focusing on Biology. Our first lesson is focusing on animal classification. Follow the steps below to complete the work sheet. The video linked will help you complete today's work.


To find out more about classifying different animals?

1 .Watch the video above.

2. Use the information found within the video to fill in the ‘Animal classification’ sheet below.

3. Draw an example of an animal within their ‘animal type’.


Classification of animals | Biology - Life Lessons

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. With beautiful wildlife images and simple summary graphics, this clip explains how fish, reptiles, mammals and birds are classif...

Science animal classification