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Read, Write Inc:


Click on the link below to find your daily speed sound and spelling lessons. From 1st June, all lessons will be available from 9.30am.

Phonic Activities. Keep working hard.

Phonic Activities. Keep working hard. 1 Try and watch RWInc videos if you can too.
Phonic Activities. Keep working hard. 2 Try and watch RWInc videos if you can too.
Phonic Activities. Keep working hard. 3 Try and watch RWInc videos if you can too.









L.O: To know how to measure objects in cm.


This week we are going to be learning about measurement! We are going to start by learning how to use a ruler to measure objects!


I have set you some activities to do on Education City. The first one is a learn screen that reviews how to read and understand the measurements of a ruler. The other two activities will you’re your understanding of measuring objects with a ruler and comparing different measurements. These activities are sequenced so you will have to get at least 80% on the first activity to move onto the next one.


I shall be checking to see who has done it! Good luck!

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If you would like a challenge, turn to page 2 of your measurement home work booklet. With your helper, measure and cut a piece of string, card, or paper that is 1 metre long. Now list things in your house that you estimate are more than one metre, less than one metre, or close to 1 metre long, tall, or wide. List them in the table, then check them using your metre string.

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Link to Measurement Homework Booklet









Choose one activity a day.

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch - Give Us A Story!

Mr. Grinling, the lighthouse keeper, finds himself in a titanic battle between good and evil with some ravenous seagulls. See how he comes out on top with a ...

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