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Monday 29th June

Maths-Count up to find a price difference

1. Start by carefully reading through the Learning Reminders.


2. Tackle the questions on the Practice Sheet. There might be a choice of either Mild (easier) or Hot (harder)! Check the answers.

Learning reminders-Click to enlarge


1. Listen to a story

  • Read Sinbad Introduction 1 and 2. Have you heard of this set of stories? What do you think might happen?
  • Listen to the first part of the story of Sinbad’s Fifth Voyage.

Make sure you Stop the video at 6:20.

What did you like about the story? Was there anything about it that you disliked?


2. Retell the story

  • Use Sinbad and the Giant Bird to retell the story in four parts.
  • Decide the four most important scenes and use words and pictures to show them.


3.  Remind yourself about clauses and conjunctions

  • Use the PowerPoint on clauses and conjunctions (Slides 1 to 7), or remind yourself using the Revision Card on this subject.
  • Complete Multi-Clause Sentences.

Click to enlarge

Stop video at 6:20

Science-Today we are looking at sound!


Before we start, try to make 6 different noises using your mouth.

Can you do it easily?

Can you make any other noises using your body? 

No rude noises thank you very much! 


Sound is a form of energy. In most cases, the more energy that is put into making the noise will result in the noise being louder. The size of the object vibrating can also affect the volume.  


The loudness (or volume) of a sound is how loud or quiet the sound is. A drum hit hard makes a loud sound whereas the same drum hit gently will make make a quieter sound.


The size, length and tightness of the object that is vibrating will affect the pitch of the sound it produces. The pitch of a sound is how high or low the sound is. A high sound has a high pitch and a low sound has a low pitch. A tight drum skin gives a higher pitched sound than a loose drum skin. Can you think of any other examples?

Click on the link below and fill in the 'complete the gaps' activity.

Final activity-

Can you write a paragraph (or 2) to explain what you have learnt about sound in the last three lessons? 


To help you with this, you may want to either look back at your previous lessons work or go back to the other lesson folders. You can find the previous lessons on the class homepage on the last two Mondays.