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                        Extreme Reading Challenge

The photos have started coming in now! It's been great to see the places you are finding to read.

Toby and Akhram, I love it that you are reading with your Hogwart's cloaks on!

Domas, perfect place when the sun is shining!



If you do Lexia at school you can now access Lexia from home.

At school you would aim for 8 units per week.  Try to beat that each week!

To log in to Lexia the first time from home, go to and follow the instructions below:

Reading Project of the Year


Our much awaited Reading Project has arrived - see below.  There will be a prize for the most original project on our return to school.  Have fun and keep reading - I can't wait to read them!

The Reading Project

Don't forget to keep quizzing!


When you are reading, make sure you are still mindmapping and then quizzing.  I am still keeping an eye on how you are all doing.  What a wonderful time enjoy the books you have chosen.  At the end of this week I will put up all those children who have reached 'Golden 25' since we were last together.  Don't forget to recommend books to me (I'm loving the time reading and have discovered lots of new books!) 

Remember when ...

Do you remember when we read with the children in Year 1 on World Book Day and we visited the Ipswich library?  I thought I'd add some of the photos from those days so that we could feel a little closer to one another during this time of lockdown.  Some special memories, all revolving around reading!