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The amazing story of Adolphus Tips- Read by Mrs Coster

The amazing story of Adolphus Tips- Part 1

Part 1 of 'The amazing story of Adolphus Tips' read by Mrs Coster. You could mindmap the story as she reads...meaning yes, you could quiz at the end of this book!

Part 2

MyOn- Reading together

Here is a new link for you to use for reading! It is a fantastic website filled with thousands of books to read with many amazing genres to choose from! Make sure you are using this! Link below.


Remember that you can still quiz on your reading books by clicking on the link above. Make sure you do your mind maps first and get your grown up to question you on your book. 


What is your book about? 

Is it fiction or non-fiction? How do you know? 

Who are the characters in this book? 

Who is your favourite character and why?

What is the problem in the book?

Word count update-21/04/20



If you do Lexia at school you can now you can access Lexia from home!

Follow the steps below and then you can login as you usually would from school.

At school you would aim for 8 units per week.  Try to beat that each week!

How to log in to Lexia the first time: