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Replies to email

A big thank you to everyone who has sent work in recently. I have added it to your folders in the Fabulous work link.

Thank you Rehan, 

I loved reading your story. Great use of imaginative adjectives. Super photo of you working. I hear your mum makes a great teacher. Remember to praise her!

Thank you again to Sofia for sending an enormous amount of work. Loved seeing you reading in the sunshine.

Thank you Sofia.

A huge thank you to Sofia and her mum for sending me an astounding amount of work. Well done for working so hard. I hope you are having fun trying all the activities on the class page. Don't forget there are lots of activities to try -just click on the different pictures. Keep safe. 

Apologies for deleting the previous work I set. I wanted to make the class page clear and easy for you to read.

1L still have the activities from previous weeks on their class page, so if you wish to complete past work take a peek on their class page.

If you have any request or suggestions for our class page please email and let me know.

I think this week there will be some rain, so an opportunity to use try some activities on the web page.

Don't forget yuo can access 'Hit the button' Education City and Oxford Owl web sites. Have Fun!!

Great to hear from you Rehan. Hope you and your family are making the most of the time together.

Thanks for sending your writing. I hope you enjoy the tasks this week.

Dear Children and families,

I hope you are all finding lots of activities to keep you busy. 

Remember you can send pictures and emails to me to keep in touch.

I hope you are enjoying all the fun activities I put on for your to try.

Enjoy the lovely sunshine, but remember to put sun cream too.


Oliver, thank you so much for all the work you sent. I am so pleased at the amount of writing you have done, great to hear that your mum helped you to edit your work.

I love the new pet and your labels are fabulous. Hope you enjoying show casing your work to all your family.

Keep safe and keep working. :)

Art for Mrs Cockcroft.

Thanks Sam for your art. I have sent it on to Mrs Cockcroft. I look forward to seeing it on the website.

Remember everyone to look at the Clubs page and try some of the activities. 

If you email them in we will put your fabulous work on the website for everyone to admire.


What else can I do to help my child learn and improve?

Look at the sheet that shows all the areas of maths covered in year 1. The more you can cover, even if it is only verbally the better start you  will have in year 2.

Challenges: Try to present an idea with a wrong answer, for your child to work through and then get them explain why it is wrong.

Lots of mental maths, doubles, times tables, addition and subtraction, subtracting  / adding 10 to any number. 

We have not yet done much dividing, so this could be a new area to learn.

Handwriting: Handwriting and practising getting letters of a similar size, with clear tall and lazy letters. Look at Oxford Owl and Twinkl to help with this. 

Writing: Draw or find a picture you like. Talk about it and build a word bank. Try to include some adjectives and conjunctions in the sentences, building up to longer sections of writing.

Hope these ideas help, lots of short periods of working with lots of breaks in between.