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Children who have been given RWInc packs can work through these.  In 2B we are all working on Set 3 sounds. I will update you with a sound a day to focus on.


There will also be live videos on the link below for Set 3 sounds. They will be at 10:30 and 1:30. You can only watch them at these times. :D


Picture 1

Set 3



ea (tea)

Monday 23rd March 

oi (spoil)

Tuesday 24th March

a-e (cake)

Wednesday 25th March 

**e-e (Pete)

Thursday 26th March 

  Complete reading comprehension 3

i-e (smile)

Monday 30th March

o-e (phone)

Tuesday 31st March

u-e (brute)

Wednesday 1st April

aw  (dawn)

Thursday 2nd April

  Complete reading comprehension 4

are (care)


ur (nurse)


er (letter)


ow (cow)


ai (rain)


oa (boat)


ew (chew)


ire (fire)


ear (hear)


ure (sure)


**ue (rescue)


**ie (tie)


**au (Paul)