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School Closure Work

 For some work, you may be producing projects, answering a range of questions or researching. We now have a special email address to which you can send any work, pictures of any work, questions etc. . I can also offer some advice, feedback and challenges on this website. Following DfE online safety guidance class emails are a tool for collection and sharing of pupils’ work only. Any feedback/suggestions will be provided on the class webpage here

Hello 6H.

Sadly, we have had to close the school for most of you for the time being. However, fear not! Through the magic of the internet, I will still be able to support you and provide a range of learning opportunities for you to do at home. I know, no need to thank me :)


This page will evolve over time, and where possible I'll include work across all subjects and provide answers and tips for someone at home to help you.


You ALL have your login details for TTRockstars and Mathletics, and I'll keep those updated for you too.


Remember to try to read as much as you can each day. 


Finally, keep updated on the news. Try to remember the advice that is given - it's not just about you - it is there to protect all people. We must ALL play our part.


You've studied microbes - now go and wash your hands. 


***Lexia Update***

Remember, if you go to the ICT room to complete Lexia units at school, you still need to complete your target of at least eight units per week.  Follow the instructions in the English section for how to access Lexia at home. So far just one person from 6H has completed their target.  Well done to them.