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School Closure Work

***Update***  02/04/20- Following DfE online safety guidance class emails are a tool for collection and sharing of pupils’ work only. Any feedback/suggestion will be provided on the class school website. Lovely to see Aicha has been busy making sugar cookies! We had 7 students finish their Education city work yesterday! The best so far. Well done to all of you.


Hello 4M,

Missing you all during school closure, but so lovely to see all your fantastic work in the gallery. Keep it up!! I’ve magpied the ‘3 is a magic number’ song to help my daughter with her 3 times table and it always makes me think of you all. Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Miss Williams :)


Updated today:

  • Times tables rock stars
  • Education city
  • Reading- Accelerated reading llink to quiz on and new reading resource website
  • Mathletics - see maths tab for login details
  • Daily challenges tab




Daily challenges- The daily challenges I have been setting on this homepage will continue to appear here. If you missed one or are stuck for something to do, fear not, I will be putting them all in the 'daily challenges' subject link (at the bottom of the page).

Hello 4M! 


Here you will find the work that I will set for you each day, so we can keep the learning going!

Make sure you space out your days so that you get breaks and some rest in too. 


Don't forget that you all have your Times Tables Rock Stars and your Education City logins where I can set you work. Remember to read as much as you can each and every day, as our reading corner says 'Get lost in a good book'.


As we have just introduced our breathing exercises please remember, if you need a moment to just zone out and breathe, take it! I will put the breathing meditation video in the Videos folder.

Remember, do what you can and don't worry if you can't do it all. The most important thing is that we all look after each other and stay safe and healthy.


Keep yourself busy and wash, wash, wash those hands!


Mr McCandless

30/03/20-Week 2


Last weeks challenges are all in the 'challenges' tab below. Well done to all the children who have been trying these. The work for this week has been put into English and Maths tabs. I have loved seeing some of your work by email and look forward to adding more photos to our gallery. Make sure you check Education city and TTR daily for activities. I don't expect you to do every activity, I just want to make sure you can keep your learning journey going. 

Today's challenge 02/04/20

See yesterdays challenge in the 'daily challenges' tab for the problem paragraph of our story. Today is about the 'resolution'. After the problem has occurred ,how does our main character react in order to resolve the issue? What does he do? What does he say? Is there a conflict? All good things to think about and include in your paragraph. See below for both direct speech rules and steps to success.


Direct speech rules

  1. Start with a 66- inverted commas and end with a 99.
  2. All punctuation is within the inverted commas- commas love cuddles
  3. New speaker new line!
  4. Every line starts with a capital letter!
  5. Reporting clauses- who said it/ how they said it.


"I can't believe he is going to sell shoes right next to my shop!" grumbled the angry shoemaker.


Steps to success- I can include:

  • Nouns- a place, name, object or thing (Paris/ shoe etc)
  • Adjectives - words that describe a noun ( Red shoe/ old man)
  • Verbs- action words ( jumping for joy)
  • Adverbs - words that gibe you more information about a verb (lazily walking / angrily ranting)
  • Pronouns- not just saying 'the shoemaker' again and again (he/ she/they/him/ her)
  • Expanded noun phrases -made up of a noun and at least one adjective. If one or more adjectives are listed to describe the noun (He held in his hand an old, decaying shoe).


By the end of your 'Resolution' you should have shown or explained how the main character (or protagonist) resolved (fixed) the problem that had occurred.



CGI 3D Animated Short "The Small Shoemaker" - by La Petite Cordonnier Team | TheCGBros

Check out this cute 3D animated short called "The Small Shoemaker". On a timeless street of Paris stands a Mr. Botte"s shoemaker's shop, and the passionate a...

***Lexia Update***

Remember, if you go to the ICT room to complete Lexia units at school, you still need to complete your target of at least eight units per week.  Follow the instructions in the reading section for how to access Lexia at home. So far three people from 4M have completed some units but no-one has yet completed their target.  Come on 4M, you can do it!